Walk on the Frozen River in Winnipeg Manitoba

One of the biggest reasons for going to Winnipeg Manitoba Canada in winter is to walk on the Frozen River near the Forks Market. Red River and the Assiniboine River meet in Winnipeg and carries with it some very unique history. It separated the English from the French and was a major trade route with the Aboriginal People. One unique thing about Winnipeg is that on one side the river, it is English and the other side of the river it changes to French. It seems to me to be a very accepting multi cultural city and I am so glad that I got to experience it first hand.

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“Guinness World Record-holding longest naturally frozen skating trail in the world offers the unique experience of seeing the sights of Winnipeg from the frozen Red and Assiniboine Rivers” as stated by theforks.com and I got the opportunity to walk along the river! The length of the river depends on the year and is completely free.

You could either walk or skate on the frozen river and to hold your interest, the city has installed some beautiful and unique pieces of artwork. I started my walk from the Parliament buildings and headed east to the Forks Marketplace, past three pieces of art and stumbled upon a couple of hockey rinks and an ice club… literally a club on the ice! The music was blaring, the ends of the benches were made from ice, there was fire pits to keep you warm and cozy and of course the bar to grab a drink or two!

Winnipeg is nicknamed “Winter-peg” and for a good reason; it is mighty cold and stays cold for long periods of time. It was about -25 when I was walking around with a wind chill. The thing about living in any climate, is that if you are prepared for the weather, you will be just fine! Almost everyone was walking around wearing parkas and some sort of extra bottom layer; some people wore snow pants or wind pants as outerwear while others wore long johns underneath their jeans or pants. There were some brave souls walking around in skinny jeans and leather jackets (they can’t have been walking very far)! I was perfectly content in my parka and wind pants, but my hands got a little chilly so I decided to head inside to The Forks Market.

After checking out the upper level of The Forks Market which contained knickknacks that were locally made and hand decorated. After being inside for only a short time I quickly realized that The Forks Market lower level was basically a cafeteria style bar. There was all sorts of food options around the outside of the cafeteria and you could sit on benches in the center. Very fittingly the bar at one end of the cafeteria was called “The Common”. It was amazing to see friends and families gather here for dinner and enjoy the shared space.

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