Visit Dubai: 5 Part Series

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Week 1: Miracle Garden and The Frame

Dubai is full of wonder and amazement! Emirates are always trying to build the biggest and the best, their only weather worries are the odd sand storm here and there which make for an idea climate to build anything they desire! Most of Dubai is built on sand which has fascinating in itself to find and discover how they built their city using the sand to their advantage. From the best and largest beach clubs to the tallest and most beautiful buildings to Gardens and Malls with Ski Hills, Dubai has it all! I managed to capture little moments of time that transformed my life from the old me to the new me!

Week 2: Desert Safari

When asked, “What do you want to do in Dubai?” My immediate response was, “Desert Safari!” I had never been to the desert and there are a few on my list which I want to visit, the name of this desert is Al Qudra Desert, though my desert experiences are limited, this one was pretty awesome!

We used Groupon to find our ride to the desert! If you have never used Groupon before, it is an app and website where you can find all sorts of amazing deals from things to do to things to eat to vactions to take and I love it as a great place to find deals on things to do! So click here to sign up and start saving up to 80% off ticket prices for theme parks or 60% off spa packages, what ever you feel like! Our package included door to door pick up and drop off, as well as music, an amzing buffet and dancing. We all climbed up and down the sand dunes and spread our toes wide to fully soak in the experience!

Week 3: The Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

This beautiful structure was covered in delicate flowers and stunning chandeliers with the cityscape back drop and a reflection pool is a religious building used for prayer. If you visit, you do have to be covered; your head, wrists and ankles all need to be covered. They offer you an outfit or you can bring your own so long as it abids by the rules.

Week 4: The Incredible Burj Khalifa – Coming to Youtube on July10th 2018

Standing at 830 meters tall with 163 stories, it is currently the tallest building in the world! I got the incredible opportunity to go up the tower and stand at an incredible 124 stories to stand and look down on some amazing birds-eye views of the surrounding structures. Depending on the humidity and clarity of the day, it is said that you can see over 30 kms away!  To see how this incredible structure was built, click here, otherwise check out my video below to see the biggest mall in the world along with the tallest tower in the world AND if you haven’t heard, there is also a fantastic waterworks show which I have also put in this weeks blog!

Week 5: The surprise on my last night in Dubai

Check out my surprise location dinner with my friend Leanne in Dubai for my last night!

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