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Nature is such an important part of our everyday lives; from the sun shining in the morning to the grass under our feet. We need to take care of it. I love wandering through forests soaking up the freshly released oxygen; it is the most amazing smell (especially if you get a chance to wander through the rocky mountains on a fresh morning hike). The love of nature may not be there for everyone, but as they say “You don’t miss it until it’s gone,” and it may be gone one day!

Let’s all do our part to protect what we were given by reducing our waste, reusing reusable products and recycling what technology or creativity is allowing us to be able to recycle. I don’t know if you know of the show “Futurama”, but the show has an episode called “A Big Piece of Garbage” where they go as far as to recycle old half eaten sandwiches into new sandwich, EW! Haha! Maybe that day will come, but until then let’s do our best to care for the air we breathe, the beauty that nature offers us, the light that it provides us and the animals that live within it. There are great websites which suggest how to reuse old containers or broken items to turn them into something new, this is called “Upcycling” and it is a great way to turn an ordinary object into something extraordinary and unique. Maybe you are looking for that last piece to furnish your house and this is a great website link to get you started: Upcycle That.

We have the ability to ride our bikes through forests and breathe the air of freedom, but soon enough these things could be taken from us or from our children.

Let’s band together to help make a difference, here are some great sites to get you involved;

  1. Environmental Defense Canada

  2. World Wild Life Fund

  3. 1% For The Planet

The links above can help you counter act your foot print on nature. When was the last time you evaluated your impact on nature? What do you do to counteract your effects? Comment below!

xo K

Photo Credits: Photographer Carol Tucker (Instgram: ctphotographycanada)

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