Hiking Lake Elisnore: California Super Bloom

I booked a ticket and hopped on a flight to California to capture a once in a decade moment… the California #superbloom. The desert which is usually low on flower vegetation had simply the exact right weather conditions to cause the flowers to bloom like crazy in Southern California and cover the hills for miles.

I woke up at 5 am to arrive in Walker Canyon near the city of Lake Elsinore before the roads closed at 8 AM so that I could get a special glimpse at the spectacle without waiting in long lines to get on the shuttle buses. I teamed up with Dan Franz to capture some stunning photos. The poppies were curled up in their little pods from the night before, but the dew was still shimmering.

The morning started off gloomy, rainy and cloudy which made me worried that the poppies wouldn’t come out at all! We hiked quite far into the hills and found some truly stunning look out points, at 9:30 AM the clouds started to clear and the sun peaked through the cloud. The poppies started to open up and naturally… I had to surround myself with them.

Poppies and daisies covered the hills, but the lookout points were unforgettable! You could see the town below and the hills for miles.

The poppies were not the only spectacle in the hills; the daisies were stunning and there was also a beautiful purple flower which took over the hills. The butterflies and bees were a plenty and I managed to capture a few beautiful images, to see all the images click here.

Lake Elisnore was a stunning sight and I was so fortunate that during my trip to Santa Monica and Los Angeles I was able to check them out! The Poppies were only in season for a few weeks and have since disappeared, but I hope that the following years you may be able to see them as well!

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