Hiking can help your heart and soul find the pathways to calm, help your feet trek through uncertainty and let your spirit run free with wonderment.

Nature ignites some of the most inspirational pathways of our imagination; the warmth of the sunlight on our skin as it twinkles through the leaves causing shadows to dance on the forest floor, the fresh forest air engulfs our lungs and no city noise is heard as the birds tweet and the waters of the stream rush by. The openness and freeing feeling that the forest provides as we hike can help clear our mind of all troubles.

Finding a place of calm can help us to navigate the ups and downs of life. Eventually we learn what we want do to or who we want to be – being a hiker can help us discover clarity in order to forge ahead.

xo K

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PhotoCredits: Carol Tucker (Insta @ctphotographycanada), Photo Assistant Halli Dekker (Insta @theycallmehals)

Styling: Backpack by Michael Kors, Plaid Shirt and Tank Top by Brandy Melville, Hiking Boots by Keen

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