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Having never visited Boston before, going to Harvard just like Elle Woods did in Legally Blonde, is a must! The beautiful campus with old brick buildings covered in vines was the perfect place to absorb some of the intelligence in the air.

After searching around online, I found this PDF map of the Harvard Yard found on the Harvard Website and here is the link to the corresponding audio files also found on the Harvard University website.

I started my journey at the Boston Burger company, after all you can’t walk around with a rumbling tummy! Here is the map of the approximate route I took, thought I am sure there are several ways to search the grounds, this seemed to cover most of it!

The Boston Burger Company Restaurant which happened to be on our way has been featured on ‘Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives’ and Rachel Ray and has the notorious #FREAKFRAPPES which were way more sugar than I could handle alone, but split it with someone and it is be the perfect desert!

After you filling your tummies, walk up the street to Harvard! One major reason to visit Boston is to visit America’s oldest College turned Ivy League University. ‘Ivy League” got it’s name simply because the building were old and covered in Ivy vines!

It was a rainy day in Boston, but I didn’t let that stop me because I had my gum boots and umbrella. We start our tour started on the steps of the Harvard Memorial Library. As a tourist, you can not actually enter the building (or most buildings) without a student pass. You can go in through the doors, but security will turn you away. So sad, but Harvard has students all year ’round and it is always monitored to be respectful of the studying students.

After wondering through Harvard Yard don’t forget about Harvard Square! Though most of Legally Blonde was not actually filmed at Harvard, one scene was filmed in Harvard Square. After snapping a few pictures, check out the Graduate School grounds, the administration building and Cambridge Commons, your next stop should be to one of the largest faculties and reasons to go to Harvard; the prestigious law school.  Naturally I had to pretend I was being kicked out!

We spotted this common area with a beautiful garden and though it was a rainy day, we tried to enjoy ourselves by dancing, singing and jumping in the rain!

If you are visiting Harvard, you are likely to be interested in the Boston City Trip Planner and the Freedom Trail Self Guided Walking Tour, see you there!

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