Gathering your own table greens fresh from the farm is the best way to know exactly where your food is coming from. Have you ever gathered your own fruits and vegetables?

As humans there are many different cultures that have evolved into the societies that exist today. Each culture survived their underlying basic needs of food, shelter and warmth to evolve into the complex societies we have today.

One of the many important needs is food. Hunting and gathering dates back to as long as humans have been around and is still practiced; how do we get all the vegetables and fruits in our grocery stores? Someone has to gather them and it could be you! Have you ever had a garden and grown your own fruits and vegetables? Or have you ever visited a farm which allows the public to pick their own fruits and vegetables?

Gathering your own fruits or vegetables can be a great family experience especially in Ontario, Canada where many farms cater to family outings. There are often play parks for the kids and a variety of fruits and vegetables for picking season. Some farms specialize in fruits such as apples, peaches or berries while others specialize in vegetables such as peas, corn and root vegetables. Spring is the start of the growing season and over the summer and fall months we are provided different varieties of fruits and vegetables and the season winds up with autumn offering specific items like squash and pumpkin picking!

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Photo Credits: Carol Tucker (Instagram: @ctphotographycanada) and Photography Assistant Jenna Sirucek (Instagram: @jenna_sirucek)

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