Freedom Seeker

Freedom can come from so many things, freedom from a situation, freedom from a place, freedom from within. We are fortunate to live in a place that can afford so many freedoms to it’s people. We are fortunate to live in places that allow for freedom of speech, freedom of mind, body and soul, freedom to come and go as we please. These freedoms can be hard to come by which is why so many have decided to immigrate to greater nations than theirs. How can we help and should we help? It is impossible to know all the answers as various governments and politicians try to study and figure out the best way to handle this overwhelming situation.

Everyone should have the right to be free, the right to be their own person, the right to feel safe and secure. Not all countries have these rights. Can we, as a world, enjoy all cultures or are countries putting their cultures at risk from additional immigration? Are countries putting their citizens at risk? Are countries essentially losing their identity and giving up their history and traditions in order to help others?

We all deserve to be freedom seekers. I am not pretending to know a lot about politics but I do know this; we have to know our lines, our limits. What are yours?

xo K

Photo Credits: Dress by FreePeople, Photographer Carol Tucker (Insta: @ctphotographycanada), Assistant Halli Dekker (Insta: @theycallmehals)

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