Briars Resort and Spa – New Ownership Review

Head north to the Briars Resort and Spa to spend four days away from the world surrounded by trees and a lake… yes please! The Briars was recently bought out by an International Buyer and luckily management is determined to keep the resort much of the same!

As you arrive, you drive up to an original historic home which has been converted into a resort. The old carraige house has been converted into the dining room and the house has been expanded to include an extra wing for bedrooms, a pool. The cozy entrance way welcomes you with a warm fire and friendly smiles. The heritage brick work and earth tones brings you to a calmer place. This is the resort I know and love as The Briars’.

Though it wasn’t overly busy, likely due to the change of ownership which scared off some customers, we were pleasantly surprised that all the traditions remained! The holiday schedule was still the same and the Christmas spirit was in the air. The puzzle was laid out in the front room on the table as it always was next to the Christmas Tree. The fireplace was lit giving its warm cozy light like I never left.

So come with me while we discuss further about the Briars’ Resort and Spa.

Walking to the restaurant from the main lodge, we passed the fire pit outside which was lit as it always had been in past years. It was nice to wander outside and sit next to fire and roast marshmallows if you wanted. Reaching the dining room, everything was perfectly decorated to reflect the holiday season and the food was prepared by the an amazing chef!

I was happy to see familiar faces from management all the way down to service, though it did seem many of the waiters and waitresses were new, we all managed together just fine! They always made accommodations for my being gluten free and that always meant the world to me!

There were a few family touches that the Briars family provided previously like parading the Christmas pudding through the dining room and providing a warm apple cider on reception, but in general they did stick to the previous schedules which included Christmas eve yoga, sleigh rides, movie night and decorating an ornament. The Christmas Day entertainment was the same Happy Guitarist/Singer which we all love! Spend our time with your family by indulging in delicious dinners, playing scrabble, building a puzzle and going for some hot tub time which is open for late night relaxation.

Sitting by the lake while the fog rolls in and the icicles cling to the side of dock, there is just nothing better…

All in all I absolutely loved being back and experiencing the joyous spirit. I wish the Briars all the joy and happiness in the coming years!

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